A Retrospect

Added on by Ridzki.

Yesterday something that I realized from a long time ago, struck me back with a velocity I can't imagine. It was the thoughts that we yearn for support whenever we're down and once we're able to stand on our feet and move again we quickly forget that support. I felt like I am a dickhead, who takes things for granted, because I only yearn support when I'm down not once I wanted to share my independence with this support.

So here goes

I once promise myself in the past, "I'll devote my life to he/she who's able to lift me up, makes me move on,  laugh all the things and preferably to accompany me always". Now I can say, I've been lucky to found such person.

Not only I thanked her for she wants to help me around that times, I also very grateful for she wants to spend her days with me.

In a very sensical world she's probably the comforting sounds,  pleasing sights, sweet taste, soft touch and hypnoting smell. Yet above all it all did not make sense because she just suddenly completes me.