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A Quarter of Century

Added on by Ridzki.

I believe I'll die young, I believe in my heart that I won't be there to see the sun rises on my 25th birthday, but yet here I am, living and writing this piece. So how does it feels to turn to a quarter of century as living breathing person? as me?

I felt tired.

As much as I accustomed to birthdays, this is the only one where I felt tired. Tired because I have been tied to my jobs, my life and my commitments. I'm tired because I felt that I haven't achieve anything (in one aspect) but also tired of all the work that I have done (thus have been achieved or yet to achieve, in another aspect). Yet I am still eager to see what's there on the horizon, the unseen and yet to come and brace if not march towards it. This eagerness also one of the reason I still survive to this day.

So what's there for me in the future?

I know, I will soon move back to Malaysia and looking forward for the opportunity to learn something new again. To look with another perspectives and to catch up with what I haven't been doing last time. After that? who knows. Probably the world, probably back to Indonesia or probably stay there.

That said, I would like to say that I am being very grateful for every support that I had, from my families and friends, from Felisia, from others whom I talked and discuss with. From those who leave their marks on me, long lasting impression that will I remember and for those I haven't met but will later on.

God speed to you all.