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Glimpse of Lao

Added on by Ridzki.

One thing which is a fact is that Lao is a hidden gem, it remains as subtle as it can be although being surrounded by countries which tourism already flourishes like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Vientiane the capital of Lao PDR, will take you back where holiday is defined by taking the time to finish the book on the local coffee shop or working on the project you would like to finish. The people are friendly, the Lao food although hard to find are surprisingly good and the best thing you can cover the whole city for only 3 hours or so plenty of time to enjoy the laid back atmosphere.

Still the aura of business is everywhere, much like any country in South East Asia. Expect pollution and traffic jams to be on the main street, but it's nowhere comparable as  Jakarta.

While Vientiane is the developing capital in which modernism slowly creeping in, Luang Prabang in the other hand is a small charming rustic city. So small that you can cover it in one hour.

Daily life would include to see the monks walking up and down the streets, getting alms from the citizen or tourists, cycle around the city, sipping coffee in a bakery and finally enjoying the colours exploded calmly in the night market.

It's a city where the time is lost, it's where you ask for peace and calmness, rare attributes for one of the tourist destination in South East Asia.

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