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Lucki The Magician

Added on by Ridzki.

Met him first when he's performing on the street and his name is Lucki. Making a living by performing and becoming additional player for Steven and The Coconut Tree.

As an artist himself, Lucki also one of those people who turn Jakarta's street into a surrealist metropolis.

Dance to his tunes he'll make you forgot about all the madness and see only the beauty of this city.


After my initial encounter with Lucki, I met him several times over the course of my living here in Jakarta. Everytime I come back from my office and passing through the streets, the tunes coming from his sax can magically penetrate the madness that Jakarta produced after office hours and everytime I heard it I smiled. I smiled because there's still an antidote to let me escape from the pollution and noise.

He in this sense was still the same magician I met a year ago.