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I'm tired OK, too tired, and I've come to realization that age is not just a number, If people said they could enjoy life in their oldies I doubt that and I doubt it as well when people said that the older they get the wiser they are. Looking back to my life then and now, all I wanted is just to life with people who understand, in a world where our hearts could speak louder than our tongues, in a world where hypocrisy could not be covered by clothing alone, in a world where shallowness is just there as a reading materials and entertainments and none of characteristics possessed by human.

I wish there is someplace like that, so that I wouldn't wish for my eternal rest once in every time now.


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Sign of the times?

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As we grow older, so does the world around us, and along with it, the walls and boundaries which keeping us apart. Ideas and knowledge are growing exponentially, increasing the number of people who survives on their own, leaving behind many bastions of conservatives which unable to move along with the stream.

The people are the same faces we seen everyday in our life, but somehow, now they're alien to the people around them, leaving everybody questioning about the changes that they've seen but not expected.

Conservative dogma are somehow jewels of the past, which glorious brightness are fading away, not because they have lost theirs but because we set our eyes to another thing that is more important, ourselves.

And how does people deal with their own species? derived from the idea of the glorious past and newfound future, they mixed it, making ways to construct relationships and manage them, but somehow it is not able to replace what have been lost.

Cherishes and laughs are somehow present, but they would go as soon as they have come, because the minds are taking it away. They say it couldn't breed passion, because it's driven from fear and hate. Funny isn't it? we love to hate but we hate to love.

So I asked myself, "is this the sign of the times?" or simply another face of the modern life?


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