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Citra & Sondang

Added on by Ridzki.

Citra & Sondang, the two may met in a very orthodox fashion, but the way they take their relationship is somehow an unorthodox one, because they spend a very long time for themselves to start their relationship. Having knew each other since high school to university life and finally working together in the same city, but they only start their relationship two years ago.Why? simply because they want it to be perfect.

Citra & Sondang, started off by becoming friends, they have the same circles whom they always met when they're back to their hometown. Citra, a pharmacist by training, is a serious person who's keen on adventures, designs and arts. Sondang, on the other hand, is a shy engineer with calculated minds but possessing of what I called a natural talent to break the ice. A bit of a mismatch? I highly doubt so.

Citra & Sondang, they posses something that some other couples might not have. Sondang didn't try to become a new person when he's with Citra and vice versa and they certainly did not do so in front of the camera. One's might frown or even laugh when they're together, but then when you think about it, they have what it takes to carry them against the times and tides. The ability to convey the exact words of what their feeling can express, a raw value called honesty.

Because when you think about it, what matter most isn't what you see now. What matter most is how to carry it forward, a relationship between two persons should not be stagnant such also the persons should be evolved from time to time, and when you see Citra & Sondang you'll understand that there are no better ways to evolve, rather than to learn and listen.