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Support the system shall we?

Added on by Ridzki.

As much as my own annoyance at the system, for it's sometimes confusing, complex, and repetitive. I still feel there's a need to support it, which could be done by improving the factor that is most likely to cause error in the system itself. the human factor. A system in for collecting print jobs in Monash University Malaysia, which I view as a solution for creating order (one person could only take his/her print job and not others) and for the helping of environment (If one person get the print that he/she needed than there is no need to print another set of copies thus it does not waste the paper)has been failed considerably.

As the new semester kicks in the number of students increased considerably and many still don't know how to collect the printing account (shown by many papers which are not collected by them at the end of the day), in which the explanation could be the information is not clear enough, or they are just plain ignorant (in which I hope they would change).

In the end, this is just a very small example in my life, there are larger problems in the world right now. I just hoped that, we all could support the system that is good, criticize ones that is had flaws, and taking the words of Mahatma Gandhi "be the change that you want to see in the world".


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