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Anyway, there's this branch of photography called "street photography" essentially the street become your studio, you can capture everything you see in front of you if you're fast enough. You can capture candid expression, humorous irony or sometimes divine geometry precision in which all or some will involve people and their life. Judging from what I write above,  this street photography are bound to be voyeuristic in nature, however unlike pornography it is conducted for the sake of art.

Putting our dirty mind aside, there are a lot of reason why people didn't want to get photographed in this time and age, where releasing a portrait to the internet is the same as putting a potential meme, however we didn't want that, we just want to get that portrait of a stranger up in the internet as a source of discussion looking at the relationship between photographs and the classical arts.

Yes, what we do will irate a lot of people and sometimes it's also bugging me to become such douche to put up a camera and then get close to the subject and capture their unawareness,  but then again aren't all things and living creature in the public space are deemed to be public's?