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Gorilla (Monster) Pod, a review

Added on by Ridzki.

Ever since I bought my new digital camera, I always found difficulty to take timed pictures which include myself on it. This is mainly because : first, I didn't have a tripod, second,We were unfortunate enough to take pictures in a place that didn't have elevated flat surface and lastly I didn't trust random people easily to take pictures with my camera (because sometimes the pictures would turn out to be bad) Then one day after reading an article in lifehacker, regarding a tripod which you could use ANYwhere and attach itself to almost anything. The tripod itself is called a gorilla pod (even though I didn't see the resemblance between the tripod and gorilla (it look more like a monster to me)), it is bendy, small and lightweight thus essentials for photographer who is always on the go.

Finished with the article I went to the product website, found out that the price for the tripod is USD 25 (with international shipping, the total would be USD 45) for the packaged. The "eco-packaged" is priced cheaper due to the lack of packaging (USD 22), and both comes with 6 different colours.

Then yesterday, I went to the Sunway Pyramid and see that there is a promotional fair of digital photography and video recording with brands like Nikon, Canon, Samsung and JVC presents. Interested I went to the one of the booth and realised that they have the original gorilla pod, priced only for RM 50 or USD 16. To make the review short I bought it, and tried as soon as I got back.

The first impression I got when I have the Gorilla Pod that felt light yet sturdy, of course because of its ability to bend, it somehow looked very bizarre and creepy in some kind of way. Then I attached the clips onto my digital camera and begin to play around with its "tentacle". The very first position that I tried is of course the normal tripod position and found that it is very stable on the flat surface.

Next position would be more difficult like attaching it on my chair's handle, very stable as well

Well after this I'll try to attach my camera on it, but I don't dare enough to put it in my chair handle, thus I put it on my water bottle, and then again it was stand there like it was climbing it, very stable.

The tripod also comes with safety precaution for those worried about their camera. It included the lock to securely attached your camera which can be seen in the picture below.

In conclusion, I was very satisfied with the product and believe that USD 25 is already a good price. It is very secured and strong when it is attached to any surface, Joby also provide the Gorilla Pod for DSLR and DSLR zoom for those looking one (of course different price). The only drawback with this tripod that I found is that sometimes it is hard to turn the lock or to detach your camera from the tripod, other than that it is top notch.