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Have They Lost Their Minds?

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On my last post I have said things regarding people that have been blinded, by not using their logic which is freely given to us as human, and yet the biggest proof is here:

"A UK schoolteacher who taught English in Sudan was detained, put into jail and get punishment just because allowing her student to give the name Muhammad to teddy bears."

more about the news could be read here.

However even though the court in Sudan had already given the verdict that she is guilty because of insulting religion, give her 15 days in the jail and then deporting her back to UK, some people still think that the punishment is too lenient and ask for death penalty.

Now, here's the thing; not only this is ridiculous, it is also shown how people did not use their minds therefore making them easily stirred by their emotions, which fueled by the sentiments over the western worlds.

Sadly this could be found not only in Sudan but also in various part of the world.Giving the jail punishment, no detaining Gillian Gibbons to the court itself is already considered an action blow out of a proportion, now they are asking for a death penalty? The ones that given the name were the children! and majority of them give Muhammad as the name of their teddy bears, and none of them ever think that they naming the bear after the prophet Muhammad SAW (Peace Be Upon Him).

So why is this still taken out of proportion? does the sentiment against the western world had already culminating because of Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq? and does the top clerics in Sudan had already lost their minds and senses? had they lost their logic?

In my life, as a Muslim, I have been taught not to be jahil (Arabic for ignorant), to learn and gaining various knowledge in pursuit of education and also things needed in this life. Still now, I can't understand what have gone wrong in their pursuit of knowledge so that they could easily judge a teacher guilty for a mistake she does not even intent to do.

In an update, there is a hope that Gillian Gibbons would be pardoned by the president of Sudan, let's just hope that she will be able to taste the freedom again and this problem would not used by to incite hatred.

Justice for Gillian Gibbons, Cheers!


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Update: Gillian Gibbons had been pardoned by Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir , and on her way to be back in UK. It had provided great relief for me that there is no reaction against this decision, and how Muslim and Non-Muslim had been agreed that the punishment against her was unnecessary.