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Four People Sat in A Corner of A Park

Added on by Ridzki Noviansyah.

Four people sat in the corner of park, they were talking about their past, one of them is a female and the other three, male.

I happen to hear their old stories about debauchery, angst and misleading adventures. 

One of them looks like banker, One looked as he had never past his punk lives, One had hair too long for someone who works in an office and the female looked like she's in her thirties. 

They didn't notice me when I came and sat besides them. 

Four people sat in the corner of a park, they told stories of what they used to do and what they used to use. 

I happen to took notice while waiting for my food. 

One that never past his punk lives, told stories about the drugs and places while the other three adding in the details . 

He talked about Bengkel and E and other things that you need to grind and were not too kind. 

Four people sat in the corner of a park with cigarettes and phones at their table. 

I was still waiting for my food when they continued to tell stories about their good old times. 

One that look like a banker was telling stories about their mutual friend, who came home after living overseas for quite some time. He brought girls to his safe house and the banker pointed to the female saying "you were part of the crowd.". 

"I wasn't" she replied.

Four people sat in the corner of a park, these days they drank water instead of alcohol. 

My food finally come and I started to eat. Slowly.

One that look like a banker continued on, the same friend that brought girls home was finally caught up by his parents, a doctor. 

He end up transferred to India, probably starting another adventure there. 

Four people sat in the corner of a park, they were checking their phone instead of checking others out.

I ordered a drink and when it arrived the banker started to talk again. 

Now he talked about an ex of their mutual friend during high school, a 17 year old in an all-girls school. 

She shared a picture of her on a bikini to her ex' friends. Just to make him jealous. 

Four people sat in the corner of a park and they were getting ready to head back. 

The night still young I think, but probably age has crept up on them. 

The man with the long hair said to the female about her child who's turn 17. He reminded her that she shouldn't let her to drive alone at night and she agreed. 

Without any more comments they all stand up and left.

I sat alone on a corner of a park, thinking. 

Would I had the chance to talk about something like that when I grew old or would my luck ran out before I had the chance.