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And another year almost passed

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2007 had been very kind to me, in a way that I perceive it. A lot had been happened including in it is my desire to write and creating a blog, as well as my birthday which I can proudly say that I'm legally adult age-wise, but still trying to become more and more mature but at least I can say that I have new perceptions of how life should be, and I'll make those perceptions to become my principles, my guides in many time to come. 2007 is not all just about me, other people perceptions and the world and universe too have evolved become older and hopefully meeting our expectations.I really haven't make any resolutions for 2008, but I think I'll make a few, which is really unlikely for me. Last time it's only hopes that the next year would be better than this, now I wanted new things, I want to graduate from my university and go have a job somewhere, these two are my goals that have to be attained in 2008. Other stuff? I'm still planning it but I wanted to travel somewhere preferably alone, or do some social working, there should be time where we have to reach the community I believe.

In the end I would like to thank God for His eternal blessing, for His forgiveness, for Him I could breath and do my work everyday, as well as everybody that have been supporting me all this year mom dad, my sister, my big family, my significant other and my friends which although I won't be able to meet again with you or I haven't seen you for a long time, trust me we'll get back again under the same sky, breath the same air, and reminisce the old days.

Cheers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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