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With Regards to Occupation and Passion

Added on by Ridzki.

When I start my job as a monitor, I didn't only like it but also thought this is the best job that I could have landed; I get enough salary to save some money, travel in a frequent basis, meeting new people, good learning program, career ladder and opportunity and the best thing is I believe that I took part in enhancing the better life of mankind. In short it was a work worth doing. Several years after I  joined the company, I kinda get the idea how certain things works and from time to time I get bumped or stuck by the bureaucracy (in which I personally think that it is necessary). These are the things that finally wears thin of my passion in working and this happens right when I am in the middle of the process of moving to another country. On the other hand, when I was first started with my work, I bought a camera. Mind you I'm not that artistic person (can't sing, dance,paints or play musical instrument) and my encounters with this light capturing devices is for the sole sake of documenting purposes (for the records I shoot film back in the days but I'm fully a digital person now). My relationship with the camera and my work then began, I've begun to take photography lesson on my own, reading the resources off the net, applying everything that I could get my hands on to the extend that I begin to work in my spare time as a freelancer.

Over the years my relationship with photography have evolved, I've not only respected this instrument on my hand as my the extension of my eyes but also as a medium to express myself. This evolving relationship if I may say, have made my work evolved at some level as well, however I still keep my jobs at the utmost level, thinking that I still do a work worth doing.

Then it struck me, through a series of events. I felt that the job that I've given so much attention is merely a work, nothing else. At the same time I need to go outside of town to monitor in a site, I take an earlier flight a day before to explore the city because I've never actually went to this place. I bring my camera with me, exploring the city and just taking pictures. The next two days I was busy with my monitoring and I can only check my pictures when I was back at my place, after I check the pictures I was intrigued by what I get (not all, but you get the point right?). The pictures that I took that day led to another conclusion in my life and another evolution to my work.

I've concluded that I would move to this another country for photography's sake. To shoot more, to attend workshop more, to get my hands on photography books more in which in the end to evolve my (photography) works more. That doesn't mean that I will clumsily do my day to day job from now on, no of course not, I will still have high regards of my professionalism. It's just that my priority is different and because of that I am happy now.