On Change

Added on by Ridzki Noviansyah.

Six years ago, I was just moving to Jakarta when suddenly my girlfriend at that time decided to have our relationship ended and she began to have another with one of my friend. So the circumstances surrounding me was not at all good, it wasn't the change that somebody expected to come when he/she move to another city. 

What happened next is history, my ex get married to my friend and here I am sitting by myself writing this, but I did learn one thing from the experience apart from I have a very high level of patience. I learned that change is always good, no matter what the outcome is. 

Change is always good because it moves you forward, it frees you from the status quo, expecting you to make mistake and amend for it. From there on forward that has always been my belief and one that I would like people to believe on as well. 

Now then, the question is would you jump into the waves of uncertainty and try to look your way or would you stay there in your comfort ?