What a night

Added on by Ridzki.

Flood on 14th floor, and no mate, i'm not telling any jokes nor that i'm drunk. It's one hell of a night and days to come. So this is the chronological order:

12 A.M. : Was watching movie in my laptop while chatting with my friends.

12.05 A.M. : My foot feels wet,  went to the toilet and turn off the water source there only to realize that the living room was full of water as well.

12.10 A.M. : Looking for mop, Thina came in to my unit and called someone asking them to turn off some stuff. I looked outside my unit the area is full with water, ankle deep.

12.15 A.M. : Called Hagen and tell him the story, mobilization  begin.

12.45 A.M. : Electricity has been turn off because fear of electrocution. Anarchy break loose, students blame on the warden by yelling profanities.

1.15 A.M. : Condition stabilized, water is not running out from the reservoir anymore.

1.35 A.M. : Power went back on, still leaving the elevator down.

I still did not know about what exactly causing the flood, just fortunately most of our stuff is in intact condition but the water had already reached inside the room if the situation was not to be handled sooner probably I'll be having hypothermia and diarrhea now.