How's life there in Malaysia?

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If people from Indonesia asked me where am I studying, I would answer "well I studied Medical Bioscience in Monash University in Malaysia" and their reply could be categorized into two types; first, for them who know Monash University they would reply "oh ok how many years left?" or "what's the plan after study?" for the people who doesn't know anything about Monash or education in Malaysia they probably going to say; "the heck you doing in Malaysia to become a maid?" as Indonesia is one of the biggest importer of the maid to Malaysia apparently. Well apparently living here is not just about the study, the maid things, and the life after study which I always try to enjoy. However my view upon this country is changing significantly, this is mainly because on my final semester of the second year I was taking an Arts subject as my elective, the lecturer would teach us world history basically, but how she related it to the Malaysia's modern issue made me curious of looking into more than just the normal, plain stories in the newspaper. At past probably I was interested regarding the beta agonist, highway incident, the sports section, any artist or band coming to Malaysia, sales announcements, or purely gossip just because I'm curious.

Suddenly a murder case of one women, one Mongolian women, Altantuya Shariibu, caught me in a political tales in Malaysia (due to the relationship of the murdered with top political people in Malaysia) However, I would still consider this section as unworthy of me to make comment or remark so what can I do is just observing and looking at other news. The more that I spend my time in front of the screen looking through news from blogs particularly had given me another viewpoint of Malaysia, a nation which is going to celebrate its 50 years of independence soon.

In the end I just wish all the best to this country, may all its plights are solved not buried. May all the people's rights fulfilled, and my all what is need to be done is done.