62 years.

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62 years, for people, that probably the most conforming time for their life. 62 years, for people, that may be the time for them to not to deal with anything trivial anymore.

62 years, for people, that time is probably is when they already considering their obituary and thinking about their memories that have faded.

For a country, however, it could be the time that, it just about to learn walking or even started to chow down its first food.

It could also be the time where it has matured to become something so complex and yet still simple enough to be understood and followed.

Whatever it is, it's still the place where my heart resides, place where I born, live and preferably died in the arms of the nature shaping it and I still believe even though storms are coming, hopes are lost, and faith is almost extinct, it would still the place where I could find my peace.

In the end I could only say, may you mature to become something that people would look up in awe rather than becoming anecdotes in the corner column of the world issues.

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