I am playing tricks on my minds

Added on by Ridzki.

How is life without recognitions, however full of rejections. How is life filled with alienation, done by people whom are familiar.

How is life filled with false judgment, where you would always be the one that play the culprit and you could never win the case.

How is life filled with agonies and worries, while the world leaving you spinning and twisting following to the tunes of rotation and revolution.

However bad it is, sometimes, it's just the plain old tricks that the minds played, and somehow we just accept that, because falling down is simpler than climbing up. Then after realizing these I wanted changes, I wanted that my minds not to think any of this of part of the blades that would able to slice and chop me. This is done by looking at all matters in the perspective of half full not half empty, and the exposure of constant reminder about what I need to do and when that could be achieved I believe the painful loneliness would become the perfect solitude.


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