Recipe at the end of the month

Added on by Ridzki.

Bless the guy who invented instant noodle for he/she had already helped million of people, students especially during the hardest time of their life, at the end of the month, where the allowances had run dry and part time jobs were nowhere nearby. A little money in the wallet, however, could make an dramatic escape from the noodles appendages, and with the help from your housemate appliances and seasonings, I could get a nice and decent meal for last night;


I know it does not look nice but what the heck, my capitalistic stomach needed food and here I was faced with one, so I ate my way to my stir fry tomato beef with potato omelet, and I never looked back again.

The next morning still captivated by my newfound skill to make food, I would then make my own American breakfast, without bacon but with stir fry beef as a replacement, and the results:

american breakfast

However tonight, the instant noodle caught me.


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