tell me, am I really that bad?

Added on by Ridzki.

This day I heard that my roommate had something wrong with him, but I didn't get this news out from him, I got it from another friend of mine. The first I thing I do then, is to go back to my room and ask him what is wrong with him, however, he didn't answer me, he just said that it's nothing to be worried about. Tomorrow he'll go back to his hometown for a week, asked by his mum he said, after he had said that, I looked back the way life had revolving around us, as I was never there in case he needed something from me, as he probably always living in loneliness and I, the one who should know better than others is nowhere in sights. This came in like a storm in my life, making me realized that I am such an ignorant in this life.

So tell me, have I abandoned him? have I become such ignorant that I myself did not care for others? for I had spent the time only for myself, my selfish self.

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