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Now, I'm trying to use flock to post my blog posting, which is seems pretty awesome but let's just see how's the results going to be shown on the blog. For you guys who have no idea what flock is, it is actually a new free web browser, which is aimed and made specifically for the web 2.0 world. It is provided with a side bar which contain all the social networking (facebook, filckr, youtube, twitter) as well as media sharing, blogging and online bookmarking site which is generally almost all those you need to kill time.

flock in action

why is it cool? aside you could post up blog directly from your browser (you don't need to go your site), you could check facebook without also going to the site, it is also functioning as a great normal web browser because it is powered by mozilla (see the thumbnail).

So if you guys a new web browser directly use for your web 2.0 life, you could get flock here and found all the information there as well.


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