I'm on Junk!!

Added on by Ridzki.

Well not me actually, it's one of the photography I sent for the feedback cover contest 2 months back. Last month edition did not mention mine and there is no email to confirm that I'm winning anything then, thus I didn't even think that it will get accepted. Well anyway, I had 2 photographs that I was considering to sent to Junk, on the advice of lintang, I sent the first one, which features Petaling Street at dusk (which I also used on one of my post). 



The other one is more monochromatic, only featuring a blue balloon on the end of the photo, which can be seen below. This is taken on Sunway College while waiting for the Cultural Night audition. 



And today when I was going to bookstores and checking on the magazine stands a new edition of Junk was there, based on premonition I checked out the Feedback sections and lo and behold. 



It was accepted!, haha this is even better than finishing my pharmacology exams earlier. At some point, however, I was embarrassed that I did not include my full name and IC and this makes them to put the notification to tell me that better send it next time.

Back to the purpose of sending the picture, it was to confirm whether one could produce a good/artistic photography with the use of normal P&S camera (non lomo or DSLR) and with this I think I already get the answer.

Well anyway, thanks for Junk to feature my photo and Lintang for giving me advice on which one should I picked.