Happy New Year Everyone!

Added on by Ridzki.

Although it seemed too cliché, yet we are still keen to repeat the greeting for centuries. and thus in the beginning of this year I am wishing you all to be patient, as at the end of the year we are faced with injustice, war and the reality that our progressions is meant so little compared to the regression that we took. Therefore in the happiness that most of us gained, there should also be a concern for our step backwards. In this occasion as well I would like to present a little promises, which some people called as "New Year's Resolutions", while people in the mental health awareness have been notifying the hazard of making a resolutions. I personally still think that this is need to be done over the course of years, to keep ourselves in the track of life and achieve our personal goals. 

Therefore, these are my New Year's Resolutions:

1. Be more wiser and ready to take actions. 

2. Be a loving person for her.

3. Be closer to God, my family and her.

4.  Get my driver's license.

5. Read more.

6. Write more.

7. Open up to new people , their way of life , the way they think and their beliefs and be tolerant about it.

8. Learn to save up my money.

9. Go even greener (target: use no plastic bag at all).

10.  Get healthy and stay that way.


Well that's about it and hopefully I could keep up to it