(and yet) Another Resolution

Added on by Ridzki.

Over the past, I have seen people being taught by the universe regarding the karma, its principles and the very valuable lessons that could be generated from it. However most people are not taking any lessons at all, or simply they didn't realise that the lessons were there. Many things causing this,  the most visible perpetrator is the emotion; it shrouded our judgement and vision like a mist and it denies our logic above all. Emotion, basicly would turn a person to the very thing I loathe.

However, the more we loathe or hate, the more we become all of those things that we hate or loathe.

Thus I asked God for objectivity, to shed the mist from my judgement and to allow me to see with clarity. To learn from karmic existence without any ounce of emotion running from it.

Make me embrace reality for all it is and how bitter it is, with no fear or loathe and hate. For I do not wish to become that very thing  that I loathe, fear and hate.

I wish to be straight not bent

I wish to be honest not crooked

I wish to be truth not lies

I wish to be cure not disease

I wish to be aids not trouble

I wish to be peace not war.

And I wish these all to all the people, so there are no need for loathe, fear and hate.