A Tribute to The Woman That Always There

Added on by Ridzki.

I believe you always with all my heart, body and soul. Every little words you said, every thing that you have done and every move you make. I may not be as loving as you wanted me to be, but that is because I believe that my proclamation of love to is bigger than words.

I always believe that all I need is you  today, tonight and forever and there are no days I have never think of something like that.

I am sorry for all the hurt that I have caused to you, I never meant it and I'll to anything to mend it.

I support you and your life and I wish for your happiness always.

I thank you for all the sacrifices that you've done for me, I will be gladly to repay that with my devotion for you.

You will always be there, you can always come back to me because you are truly an exception in my life.

And I wish you will be with me till the end.

Because and only because I love you so much.