The Eyes See What They Want To See

Added on by Ridzki.

I always said that the concept of truth is like the horizon, a person stands in one place wouldn’t be able to grasp what others see. Put it simply to fulfill the concept, you can see it, others can see it, but nobody can comprehend what is the absoluteness of truth, it’s because each one sees what they want to see. A different perspective for every person.

Just like the door, all we can think are “is it bolted?” “is it locked?” “is somebody just closed it?” or ”are we the one that lost the key?”

What if I tell you, that the key or lock did not exist and the door is a figment of our imagination, painted by an artist which makes we believe that we’re being locked out. Just like the concept of a horizon-slash-truth, you wanted to see a door and its lock, you’ll see a locked door. Where as in other’s perception the locked door might not exist at all.

Now if you still see a locked door, turn back and take a look. You’re being locked outside, where fate always cross, chances are always present like inconsistency and beauty hides itself in chaos.