The Wisdom and Knowledge of The Taxi Driver-part 1

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"In many parts of the world there's always the group of people who run the streets, both night and day. They interact with vast number of people of different characters, while they themselves are also a people of character, whom sometimes annoying, plain hilarious, shady, cool, educated or street smart. Some of them are very fond of speaking their minds, while others are very shy. These are the collection of the wisdom and knowledge of the taxi drivers, whom are kind enough to share and talk to me during my travel across Indonesia (mainly Jakarta)."

  • On the recent terrorist attack: "The xxxx must be the one behind the attacks in Indonesia and the rest of the world, just take alook at 9/11 why are most of the xxxx employees are taking leave on that day?"
  • On Indonesia's Independence: "Indonesia has it all. It has achieved its independence, it's a prosperous country, its beauty is unsurpassed, pity it lacks one thing. Justice."
  • On Swine flu or any other flu: "Isn't swine or the bird flu is created as a biological weapon? It's politics all along I tell you."
  • On the increasing number of AIDS patient in rural area particularly Papua: "There's only one explanation why the incidence rate is so much higher in Papua compared to Jakarta (in which has higher number of prostitute). The lack of education." ~ I added "as well as the low economic power"
  • On prostitution: "The prostitute along this street is really not a prostitute at all, they dress nicely not wearing any skimpy clothes yet often I see they're often being picked up by cars. Those who pick up must have a spare money on their sleeve, heck if I had some I'd probably do it as well"