On Life

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Everybody asked about life and I always said the same thing over and over again, no matter what you do there are no right things or wrong things in life. It's just a case of moving forward, learning and struggling. Happiness is real when shared. So do share it with the world.

Make yourself happy. By worrying less about other people that have hurt you.

Live and let live. Because you only live once.

Make mistakes and be a fool. With that you can learn about all the new things.

Stay hungry and curious. Everything would not be served to you anyway.

Forgive mistakes people made. But never once forgotten about it.

And don't ever lose hope. don't ever be lazy to try.

Lucky those who die young, because they never taste the bitterness of the world. But the people who die of old age and have the chance to taste the world and learn from it are far more fortunate.