About A Girl and A Door

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I dedicate this story to all my friends, male and female alike. Even though I personally believe that I'd rather look what's behind me and not fixed with the door in front of me, I still want them to be able to write off their own stories. And I'll start with the most cliché statement known.

Once upon a time there was a little girl.

One day she took a stroll through the forest, passing the green grassy fields and the ever constant shades. She saw the rabbits and the foxes, She overheard the birds chirping while overlooking the pretty butterflies while picking herself some flowers.

She went passed the woods until she found a door on a walls which guarding the insides of mysteries, perplexed at first she decided to give it a look again tomorrow since the sun is tired.

She went back and over chicken and soup she told her discoveries to the men and women of her family along with her intention. Of course after this warnings were fired.

"You shall not go there again"

"As her siblings you of all people should keep eye on her"

Even though when she tried to explain and gain explanation.

"The point is no!"

Of course this was done of necessity, because they are afraid to lose her. To lose her black long hair, her small figure, her cherished laugh, her smile which melted the snow and her heart which is larger than the life.

But something grow bigger than her heart. Her curiosity.

Alice had always make her envy, and how she wanted to be her in the perfect world. So with few drops of sodium penthatol and her adventure kit (she kept it below her bed) off she goes to the forest.

"Funny there're no birds nor rabbits and foxes"

"It's because we're curious as well" because the animal are also dying to know what's inside the doors. "Alas evolution did not allow us the opportunity"

So when the sun is 110 degree to west, she found the door.



"Have a keyhole"

"and old of course"

That's her observation of the door she's so curious about.

So she peeped into the keyhole only to discover an eye peeping back. Surprised but returned to her composure, she knocked. First time. Second Time. When she about to knock again for the third time the door opened.

Standing before her is a boy, with dirt on his hands and face, golden hair and my what a pretty face. But still it's a boy she thought "annoying, dirty and naughty to say the very least"

"Who are you?"

"I am everything you wanted" "but not even the one thing you need"

Perplexed the girl asked "how is that possible?" "I don't even know you"

"I'll show you" said the boy

Then the boy showed her what's inside the walls, the stories about him and the history. The more he told, the more the girl felt something is growing inside her heart. Which makes her chest pounding every time and make her can't stop smiling.

She visited him everyday, and everyday the world seems brighter, like it was spring all year, like christmas happens every months and like saturday and sunday are there every weeks and days. Of course then this would have profound effect to whatever surrounds her. And she couldn't care less with the fact no explanation had been given.

And suddenly without notice, the wall, the door and the boy disappeared.

She fell into an abyss she created, she had lost her light for the world and the world as well had lost its light.

Years passed and no sign of the boy returned.

And no man or anything alike which can bring the light back.

Not even the prince on charming horses,

or the poet which befriended the words

or even the humble man whom offer her only with honesty and happiness.

Because she wants nothing except the boy, and the door to go inside the walls.

Finally one day she heard a call. So familiar, and only one person which can like that. The boy had returned. So off to the forest she goes, and find the wall she had along with the door. But instead of the boy she found a letter.

"For after you finished this letter you'll see what I meant, about what you want and what you need, because we're exemplary figures of your minds, figment of your desires. Like how you wanted to see a door and you'll see one. After you finished this letter, close your eyes, turn your back against the door and open your eyes again and tell your heart what you see, then chase out that what it seeks"