Pecha Kucha Night Bandung Vol.10 & CS Bandung Gathering 03.07.10

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On the middle of June, Ririe one of the CouchSurfing city ambassador of Bandung contacted me for my availability on 3rd July to present the Project on Pecha Kucha Night in Bandung and I was psyched! Since I'm not really familiar with the 20x20 format, I had to made some preparation  by learning how to make one and by attending Pecha Kucha Night in Jakarta. I had a revelation promise made to the people that I'll write something regarding how it goes.

So I start:

Let me begin to explain what is Pecha Kucha, it is a fun, fast, idea filled night where few presenters will go up there one by one presenting just about everything! regarding photography, architecture, travel ideas, communities and etc. It was first devised by 2 architects; Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture on 2003 in Tokyo. The reason? because architect tend to speak unnecessarily during their presentation (quite the same for  few of us).

First city to be introduced by Pecha Kucha virus in Indonesia is none other than: Bandung, which entirely make sense since it is the city of reference for art and other creative approach. Last night make the 10th volume of the Bandung Pecha Kucha Night and what makes it more special is that it collaborates with CouchSurfing making the audience not only ranging from non-CS/Pecha Kucha Regular Patrons.

Leaving Jakarta from 10 AM, we started to get the idea that it is a good thing not to bring your private car to Bandung in the weekend because it was hell, after experiencing of bits of this and that in Bandung (read: Gokana Teppan in Ciwalk) we finally trying to figure out how do we go to the venue:

Labo The Mori.

Located in Dago Atas, this place is defined as "public space for fun and creativity". Have hosted most of the Pecha Kucha Night in Bandung it is really a venue to fit its purposes. An amphitheater like place with large white sheet for presentation located in the middle hanged in between two large trees. Labo The Mori is also the HQ for the Labo. Architecture+Design firm, which makes it the most perfect Studio slash Office with modern taste of home and library.

One other thing that makes it perfect; you don't need any air conditioner there due to the cool air of Dago plus the rain we had that night.


1. Tiyok PDW 2. Semarak.BDG 3. Ramini - Mei/Ayu/Aur-Tasik Batik 4. Ririn W. Soedarsono-Tenun Ikat 5. SM Ika Wulandari - Salsa Dance 6. Ivan Hadi Pranatha - Toy Cam 7. Intan Anggia Wardani- Sundanese Traditional Dance 8. Lunalda Kanzeila-Studio Alam Bebas 9. Ridzki Noviansyah - Project 365 10. Eva/Santos - Jejak Kaki 11. Roswita Amelinda - Angklung Web Institute 12. Adrian Ben - Game Developing 13. Nancy Margaretha - CouchSurfing 14. Pasar Seni 10.10.10 15. Anggie Retno Sari- Au Pair France 16. Phebe Wibisana- Food -O-Graphy 17. Maulana Yudiman- Tasik Funtastic Kuliner

That is the list of presenter who come in Pecha Kucha Night Vol. 10, I gotta say while all are captivating and entertaining at the same time, the show stealers come from Pasar Seni 10.10.10 ITB, with their theatrical approach. Maulana Yudiman as well as Phebe had pretty strong followers too due to the fact the present about food, when the audience are hungry and cold.

Finally it was my turn afert Ivan (btw the list is not in order, the organizer made it that it goes with the topic which is being discussed), I gotta say it's hard, 20 seconds could be too fast and too slow depends on how you speak, thankfully though I made it till the end. In the end we concluded by watching the second half of Germany V. Argentina.

Anyhow, it really was a great night in a great place, the only drawback is the lack of hot indomie with chili padi if I may complain.

Therefore kudos to the organizers and to the presenters, will try to attend both JKT and BDG Pecha Kucha Night from now on and see another great presentations from great people.