De cLu tt ER 2.0

Added on by Ridzki.

I guess we're all sometimes a bit lazy right? woke up on Sunday just to be in bed for the next 6 hours or so, take no shower until 5PM and eat only leftovers from a week ago? No? Just me then. Before I went to discuss about De cLu tt ER 2.0 and its significance over 2011 (for me obviously), I'd continue to wrote about the root cause of this clutter. Laziness.

Over time laziness definitely will take toll, and on one aspect create clutter, put it simply your messed up home, workspace, work desk, bed, home screen in your computer, that sink basin, that shower room, that sofa and all of them are the manifestation of that laziness.

Then come along 2011 and blank resolutions.

In 2010 I can always argue that the build up of the clutter is due to one thing, "Project 365". now that it ended, it's time to fill 2011 with some sort of project and to begin is the De cLu tt ER 2.0


De cLu tt ER 2.0 is simply a project attempted to correct all aspect of my life and how I carry it in a day today basis, it is simply to make it work in the proper railway.

What's need to be declutter?

All! from the bedroom to my computer, from the apartment to the workspace in office, as small as my camera gear bag to my china cabinet, from all of that to my life in a general and specific term.


I will be the center of the project and the project executioner myself of course but with helps and inspiration from many people, animals behavior or systems.


Everywhere that needs to be declutter, from walking paths to my bed, to the "untouchables" like my mind perhaps or my views on everything.


Now here's a thing,  there's no time frame, this isn't like Project 365 which is simply a year long project. Project De cLu tt ER 2.0will start from 1 Jan 2011 till I reach another phase in life where it is deemed to create De cLu tt ER  3.0. So there's no way I can answer this with my current knowledge, but I should know exactly when the project should be started again if the time arrived.


To make things more organized that and to fulfill the increase in my obsessive behaviour in which I hope will not turn into a psychological problem for me.


Start small, from the address book of my email and phone, to my apartment then my office space and finally my life in general. It's a non stop process over time I guess.

But then everything needs a guideline and this is the "how to" on doing this project:

  • Delete the unnecessary, so that the necessary may speak.
  • Create and maintain a database.
  • Self discipline and willingness to upkeep it.
  • Reminder poster.

Yes, again it is an ambitious project but what the heck while in the end I can only say let's begin De cLu tt ER 2.0 and have an organized life, all.