Visions Reloaded: Jogjakarta

Added on by Ridzki.

On the beginning it was an idea, born from reading several articles, watching a few clips and enjoying a lot of photographs. The idea is to ditch zoom lenses in favor for a prime or in my case a manual focus prime.

Then it come to fruition when Vesak Day (Birth of The Buddha) comes closer, so on the 13th to 18 May 2011 I decided to roam the Jogjakarta again, carrying two primes (Soligor 28mm f2.5 and EF 50 mm f1.8) along with my trusty zoom (my girlfriend advice me to carry that as well). Turns out I can't quite ditch the zoom altogether but it does give me a fresh perspective on documenting travel pictures.

So here's what I found out;

  • I love my manual lenses because of its simplicity and tones created. I did not need to over thinking things and all the image produced it is as if I'm right standing in front of it. On the other hand I hate it because I can't focus properly in dim light or when I am using small apertures.
  • I can't ditch my zoom, while advocates of the wide/normal prime says that prime allow you to move and be "creative" and zooms are necessarily evil, etc. I just can quit it yet. This is because zoom allow me to be more creative in its own way; I can use the telephoto end in my landscape, I can capture details which often I can't when I am using prime and I can use technique not available for me when I am using the prime.
  • While traveling I don't need so many lenses in my arsenal, I just need my trusty zoom and one prime which often can be the 28 or 35 mm. While doing several assignment on the other hand I will probably need another lenses.
  • I tried movie making  and I found out that it is hard and good software comes with a price, but I'll be trying to create a multimedia album for my travel in the future.
  • I need to learn to ride a motorbike to simplify movement.

So here is the images from the trip:


I actually go to Jogjakarta again last weekend, happily using only my prime and here's the results:



It really worked out, I suppose but will I ditch the zooms altogether? we'll see about that.