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Lightcraft and Silent Scenery Album Launch

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Update: It seems that Junk Magazine have fully adopted this writing without even acknowledging me or Azhana (yeaa they acknowledge her by saying she provided additional info). My comments for this matter; please don't do it again Junk, it is rude and will make your magazine loses credibility; and secondly when you get "additional infos" from other person, just make sure that you have understood what the infos are all about, for example Lightcraft bassist went MIA not actually the name of the bassist is MIA. It was a great day for a great event for music, two took place in Malaysia and another in Singapore. Leave all the Asia Awards and Fest to the other music fans and journalist. I am here to write a review regarding an event took place in The Annexe Gallery. Lightcraft and Silent Scenery, two well known indie bands in Malaysia, are deciding to release their album together, a debut for Silent Scenery and sophomore for Lightcraft. Along the night there are also performances from other great names such as Leaders on Sunday, Lurks (last minute replacement for Telebury) and Inspirative coming all the way from Thailand.

Being fashionably late, the event kicked off at 8.30 PM, started by Leaders on Sunday, self proclaimed crunk band which are motored by 3 of their member Rushdi, Shariman and Nabil. The guys give out an upbeat set for all the people that have been waiting, at one point during their show the MC tell out that the band were formed because one of the member girlfriend is ditching him because she attracted to some underwear model.

Leaders on Sunday

Second on the bill is Inspirative, hailing all the way from Thailand this band had already make head turns during their check sound sessions. It's unique and fresh, like how tom yum soup will make you warm and then continued with mango rice which are cool and soothing. The band played mostly their instrumental track with one (or is it two?) tracks with lyrics. This band really is the black horse of the night providing the great mood swing.


On the third, there is one of the main show of the night, Silent Scenery, equipped with a celloist the band which describe themselves as emotronic, rocked out with the audience. At one time the vocalist Kit, said that the band will play differently than the other band as they would not stopped between songs, strangely they did, but it was forgiveable as they started to explain about the event and how they met with Lightcraft and planning the event together.

Silent Scenery

Next on the stage is Lurks being the last minute replacement for Telebury, they really are not dissapointing. Sounded like Depeche Mode or some might say Joy Division, they are the most rocking out band of the night. Again the mood of the audience is being changed drastically to a bit dark, I guess it is quite needed to ensure that the audience is still in the place and kept interested.


Lastly come the star of the show, although this event can be said that it is a collaboration between Lightcraft and Silent Scenery, most of the audience were clearly waiting for Lightcraft on stage. They come out with almost their original formation with the exception of Efry on bass. The sound of Lightcraft although still very British, are being added with more complexity and maturity especially on the track All In My Mind and The Girl Who Went to War. Imam being the front man are clearly very nervous on that night, however, that did not make their performance become any less entertaining.  There are quite a few surprise on the night especially when they are trying to play their first Indonesia song, which surprisingly great sounding and also when the audience asking for the encore which come answered by playing I Don't Know What It Is.


Finally the event ended, tired but amused the audience went back to their homes, sharing the experience which are clearly could not be found in Genting or Singapore. and yeah.. did I mention we get a free muffins?



I'm on Junk!!

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Well not me actually, it's one of the photography I sent for the feedback cover contest 2 months back. Last month edition did not mention mine and there is no email to confirm that I'm winning anything then, thus I didn't even think that it will get accepted. Well anyway, I had 2 photographs that I was considering to sent to Junk, on the advice of lintang, I sent the first one, which features Petaling Street at dusk (which I also used on one of my post). 



The other one is more monochromatic, only featuring a blue balloon on the end of the photo, which can be seen below. This is taken on Sunway College while waiting for the Cultural Night audition. 



And today when I was going to bookstores and checking on the magazine stands a new edition of Junk was there, based on premonition I checked out the Feedback sections and lo and behold. 



It was accepted!, haha this is even better than finishing my pharmacology exams earlier. At some point, however, I was embarrassed that I did not include my full name and IC and this makes them to put the notification to tell me that better send it next time.

Back to the purpose of sending the picture, it was to confirm whether one could produce a good/artistic photography with the use of normal P&S camera (non lomo or DSLR) and with this I think I already get the answer.

Well anyway, thanks for Junk to feature my photo and Lintang for giving me advice on which one should I picked.