A symbolical freedom

Added on by Ridzki.

Just few days back, BBC journalist Alan Johnston is being freed by Hamas, through negotiation with the Army of Islam, so now the world was left with the question now is Hamas ready to talk to their international counterpart or even cooperating with Fatah to achieve the goal in the struggle through diplomatic ways. Hamas had been well known by their way in the Palestinian movement, by using method such as suicide bombing or even other attacks to Israel army or citizen and even to their own political rival Fatah. However, during the attempt to free Alan Johnston, Hamas has proven that they are willing to take drastic move, to meet the British Government for the first time in history.True peace in Middle East may seems pretty unclear these days and many days to come however, this event should not be taken lightly, this could be one of the key steps to reach what many people have been longing from.

I still personally believe that peace would come to the Middle East, even though there were sayings that when the time for Israel and Palestine should reconcile and made peace it would be the end of human days, I would still look up for that day to come.