I'm not a plastic, are you?

Added on by Ridzki.

Few days back I was walking around to Suria KLCC and my mother decided to visit one of the high class fashion bag store Anya Hindmarch and I was interested that they had one of the "I'm not a plastic bag" bag which is going to be released for one time only on 6th of July 2007 in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan for a price of RM 55 only or about 16 US Dollar, this price when compared to a normal price bag which would have a price tag of RM 1000++ or 290 US Dollar seems like a perfect fashion accessories that you must have. However, there is a bigger story to it, the bag was actually a collaboration between Anya Hindmarch and We Are What We Do movement in order to make people to change their daily habit to eventually change the world to a better place. What in the world came up to your mind when you heard the stories that people are willing to queue from 12 am in front of the shopping mall just to enter it at 6 am while the stores itself open at 10 am, that the bag was sold out for in 1.5 hours only, that the workers in the stores was trapped in the stores for 4 hours because the angry mob was blocking the store exits, that 1000 people had shown up just for a bag, that the workers are strongly advised to go back home without wearing anything that shows that they are working in the store because they feared that something would happen to them, that I looked up on eBay Hong Kong which had already listed the bag for a price of 3000 HK Dollar or about USD 384, far more than the actual value of the bag, that eBay Malaysia had also listed the bag for RM 350 and there is still no bid on it.

So what is it that drives people to buy the bag? is it to make yourself more plastic by buying that by having the latest and limited edition like being worn by Kiera Knightley while the bag itself saying that it is not a plastic bag. Why won't they start to change their daily habit like being advised by the movement, and if they would want to contribute why won't them buy something else from the movement?

In the end, I would just say congratulations to whoever had the bag, you're now a part of movement to make the world better, and I would hoped that your actions did not stopped here but to continue further on.