Start of The End of This Decade

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First and foremost, let us pray in silence for the former President Abdurrahman Wahid, which left us earlier yesterday. He may seems as a witty and emotional person, but he also the one that promote pluralism in Indonesia. Finally after not writing for quite some time (not because of the writer's block, it's just that at that time I only wanted to amuse myself) I decided to write again and due to the dates, what more can be best than writing your new year's resolution?

On my last ones I believe I have accomplished my resolutions but one, that is because the condition does not allow me to complete that, not because I did not want to.

So here I go with my 2010 resolutions:

  1. Start on Project 365 and consistently keep it running.
  2. Be more accountable.
  3. Less procrastinating and be more productive.
  4. Save more money.
  5. Travel more!
  6. Live the healthy way.
  7. Try to cycle everyday.
  8. Try to cook everyday.
  9. Be more greener.
  10. Live without debts and Blackberry.
  11. Buy my sister a Spiderman notebook.
  12. Learn diving.
  13. Climb at least 2 mountains.
  14. Go to Halong Bay!
  15. Learn, Write, Read and Listen More.
  16. Know what I want and what I need as well as what I am worth of.
  17. Do the coming of age ritual: travelling solo!

Much more than my last one, but I believe I still can fulfill this one. 2009 have teach me a lot, so I guess 2010 would consisted of more struggling. I only hope I can achieve a period of contentment in the coming year.

That's it, I'm off and Happy New Year Everybody!


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