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Six Years of Experience.

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What does six years of experience give you?

For me it gives a very thorough view of how everything should be managed from start to finish, if there's an error somewhere I'll try to fix the problem and looking for ways that it will not happen anymore, in a short form I'd do a CAPA on it. That habit of doing root cause analysis of every problem and trying to understand what causes the problem, looking for corrective and preventive actions has been ingrained to me so  much, that I had a hard time to believe that there are somebody out there who didn't understand that this is how you should live your life, by moving forward, making mistakes, correcting it and moving forward again, often this view would leads up to countless arguments where I try to explain the necessity of having that kind of viewpoint. 

That's one. 

Another skills that I acquired is to read doctor's handwriting, and you all probably know how doctor's handwriting would look like don't you? Speaking of writing, I also acquired the skills of writing concise report in a non-prosaic ways, as simple as possible so that I could explain to diverse kind of people whatever shit that I have encountered, this creates trouble especially when I am writing a post like this where would need all the vocabularies that existed would still engage the readers (if there's one). This is probably the one skill that I need to learn more, how to engage your reader and becoming more interesting writer. 

What else? Six years of experience also gives me a knowledge of how a system works, however in this ever changing world that doesn't mean a single thing, a change in the system could happen in an instant and all I can do is just to follow it and try to figure out what will work and what doesn't. It also give me a great insight on how to deal with various people and bureaucrats, across culture and places, it gives me some understanding on why I should take two steps back in order to move three steps forward and finally it gives me that sense, that particular sense that allows me to understand the situation by analysing people's behaviour, their tone, expression, choice of words. 

The six years gives me the knowledge that I need to navigate in the world, however, it doesn't give me the direction of where I want to go. 

I recall I was getting tired on my fourth leading to fifth year (or was it fifth leading to sixth?) headhunters would call me and asking whether I was interested in working in so and so in the same position that I had that day, I remember telling them as well that I was in the verge of losing my interest, I didn't interested in doing the same and was keen on trying on a different industry. There are plenty of experience that I gained outside of my jobs description and I was optimistic that with enough training I'll be able to catch up, learn and understand about jobs in different industry works. None come back to me. 

Funny thing about how the universe works though, you don't know whether when is the right time to do anything. You could strike at a very precise time that you have measured and still you end up failing or you could only wait and suddenly it'll come to you. For me it was the case of the latter, it's not that I wasn't looking for any opportunity, but like I said none seems to have worked out, until some part time gig would lead to job applications and then two interviews and one written test later here I am worlds apart from what I used to do for a  living, with me and other colleagues still scratching our head coming with the questions what the hell does a medical bioscientist graduates doing in communications?

Six years of experience gives me the understanding to navigate life, outside of that I tried to nurture my own interests in which I believe everybody should be doing. I pursue a creative endeavour, however small it is, I try to meet up with new people and it's a bonus if I could do it in a communal activity and last but not least I try to keep an open mind, always learning and always try to improve. I am pretty lucky that I could try and work outside of the industry that I have been involved for the past six years, however what I have learned is not only a means to get that, but ones that I need to understand life. 

Here's to another years and years ahead.

Beasiswa Workshop Penulisan Kritik Seni Rupa dan Budaya Visual ruangrupa 2013

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Fotografi selain dianggap sebagai sebuah karya jurnalistik dan dokumentasi juga dianggap sebagai sebuah karya seni oleh para pelakunya. Melihat kembali perayaan Waisak di Borobudur kemarin telah sekali lagi menyadarkan saya bahwa medium ini, tidak atau sangat kurang sekali memiliki para kritikus yang kompeten di bidangnya, padahal hampir seluruh lapisan masyarakat adalah fotografer pada zaman sekarang ini.

Kebanyakan para fotografer yang terkadang -sama seperti mediumnya- terlalu demokratis dapat dengan mudahnya menilai dan mengkritisi karya-karya mereka dan karya-karya yang lain dengan cara-cara yang superfisial seperti menyatakan bahwa yang tajam itu indah dan yang kabur itu buruk. Maka dari itu saya memohon kepada segenap teman-teman saya yang memang sudah saya ketahui memiliki kemampuan dan pengetahuan akan fotografi untuk mencoba mendaftarkan diri untuk mencoba mendapatkan tempat dalam workshop yang diadakan oleh ruangrupa ini.

Bagi mereka yang tertarik mendaftarkan diri dan merasa ingin menjadi kritikus foto saya coba tawarkan sebuah beasiswa untuk satu orang, jika anda terpilih maka biaya workshop akan saya bayarkan lunas tetapi dengan syarat selama 1 tahun ke depan setelah workshop ini anda harus membuat sebuah tulisan-tulisan yang memunculkan ide-ide baru atau tulisan-tulisan kuratorial untuk pameran atau bergerak memajukan fotografi Indonesia, semua ini diharapkan dilakukan dalam ranah publik dan dapat dipertanggungjawabkan.

Kepada yang tertarik diharapkan menghubungi saya di alamat email a.ridzki[at]gmail[dot]com, kepada yang lain saya harapkan dapat menyebarkan perihal ini ke khalayak umum atau orang-orang yang menurut anda mampu dan mau belajar menjadi kritikus foto.


Terima Kasih.


Ruangrupa kembali membuka pendaftaran untuk mengikuti Workshop Penulisan Kritik Seni Rupa dan Budaya Visual, setelah sebelumnya diadakan sejak 2008. Workshop ini ditujukan kepada penulis muda yang memiliki minat terhadap penulisan kritik seni rupa dan budaya visual secara umum. Peserta workshop akan diseleksi berdasarkan tulisan-tulisan awal yang dikirimkan serta proposal proyek penulisan kritik seni rupa dan budaya visual yang akan dilaksanakan setelah selesai mengikuti workshop ini, beserta syarat pendaftaran lainnya. Hasil akhir dari workshop ini berupa pengelolaan situs oleh para peserta workshop, sebagai situs berisikan tulisan-tulisan kritik seni rupa dan budaya visual. Para peserta akan dilibatkan dalam proyek penulisan kritik seni rupa dan budaya visual di secara berkala. Selain itu, tulisan-tulisan tersebut akan dimasukan ke dalam proyek buku yang berisi tulisan-tulisan kritik seni rupa dan budaya visual dari para penulis muda, yang dihasilkan dari workshop penulisan ini sejak pertama kali diselenggarakan.

Workshop ini akan dilaksanakan di ruangrupa, Jakarta, 17-28 Juni 2013.

Persyaratan pendaftaran:

  1. Usia peserta antara 19 – 30 tahun
  2. Mengisi formulir pendaftaran online di bawah ini.
  3. Mengirimkan 1 buah proyek penulisan dalam bentuk proposal (lihat formulir pendaftaran)
  4. Pendaftar yang terpilih membayar biaya workshop sebesar Rp. 500.000,-
  5. Biaya perjalanan peserta (travel/kereta/pesawat) dari luar Jakarta, ditanggung oleh masing-masing peserta.


  • Pengisian formulir pendaftaran online selambat-lambatnya pada tanggal 9 Juni 2013.
  • Peserta terpilih akan diumumkan pada tanggal 13 Juni 2013, melalui website ruangrupa dan jarakpandang.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut silakan hubungi ruangrupa di:

Telepon : (021) 830 4220 Situs : | E-mail: Facebook : Jarak Pandang Twitter : @jarakpandang

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Notes on Editing & Sequencing Photographs

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This will be a very quick note on editing and sequencing photograph by Alison Morley, Chair of Photojournalism and Documentary Photography International Center of Photography. I pick as my mentor Alison because she's the only photo editor on the roster of mentors. I can learn about photography from other people or from my portfolio reviews but how to edit and sequence should be coming from a photo editor.

Basically here's a point of photo editing as based from the material that Alison give us:

a. Shoot at least one of the each type:

  • Overall: A wide-angle or aerial shot to establish the scene.
  • Medium: Focuses on one activity or group.
  • Close-up: One element, like a person's hands or an intricate detail of a building.
  • PortraitL Either a dramatic, tight headshot or a person in his or her environmental setting.
  • Interaction: People conversing or in action.
  • Signature: A summary of the situation with all the key story-telling elements- often called the decisive moments.
  • Sequence: a how-to, before and after or a series with a beginning middle and end (give the story a sense of action)
  • Clincher: A closer that would end the story.

As usual, rules are meant to be broken, the ones above are no exceptions. As I see how the process goes in my class we can see two or three different stories were made over the same set of photographs (imagine this being done on a long term projects)

b. Always keep a photo for yourself. During your travel, your assignment or whatever you photograph on, always take a photograph of yourself. It will be useful later on.

c. Getting more technical: organize your raw pictures into groups (I divide mine into overall, portraits, detail, food, hands, family, activity, etc.). Print it, put it on your wall and live with them, then you'll grow a senses of how the story is going to be.

d. The last one I might one to say, is perhaps be ready if your favourite pictures didn't make it into the cut. It may be good, but in a story perhaps it is not working good enough. Work with someone you believe and trust as an editor and then let them have their opinion for the stories.

Fuck You Pay Me: How To Ensure that You Got Everything Covered Before You Start That Project

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Damn that's a long title. Anyway here's Mike Monteiro from Mule Designs talking in SF: Creative Morning about how sometimes, creative workers (designers, developers, photographers or just any kid with MacBook pro) are being undervalued by the clients but even sometimes by themselves.

Mike's talk are the ones that you need prior engaging a project, possibly even when you're just starting out or when you want to fire your clients (yes you read it right)

So enjoy and please apply this for your next project negotiation.


First Commercial Project: A Retrospective

Added on by Ridzki.

Finally I decided it would be nice for me to take a second jobs, and because of photography remain to be the area that I am most aware or as I put it as more knowledgable I decided to market myself in the ever expanding world of photography. However, while photojournalism remains as my biggest dream (who isn't?), I started to become a wedding  photographer first, while finding work in media. And today I have my first job, my first commercial shooting for a friend pre wedding and this writing  will be my concern over the project, how to become a freelancer and what to do and what not to do.

PW-001 Having a friend as a client is a privilege, you know them well, you can easily connect with them, you can tell jokes etc, however it sometimes hard to maintain your professionalism, this is why a standard working procedure should come in handy (although I didn’t have a written one).

I start of the project by having a meeting with my clients, I asked what are their vision of the picture, what kind of picture they wanted, where should the picture be taken and is a theme involved? would be very great if they can show me the example of the picture and actively discuss into the details of the work and being on the other end, we should always give a nod to what client say and when it will be utter impossible don't afraid to say no. Next I will be discussing the fees, in which you should put a baseline for every project that you took ( i.e. 500K for a pre-wed, 200K for portraiture, etc) this will be very crucial, you have to know how many pictures that you could took, edit and give to your clients, you're also describe to your client whether your travel expenses, accommodations, meals are being covered with the fees or it is in a separate bill.

a note: please make again a SOP regarding this meals and accommodations, how much can you spend on a meal? how much is it for your accommodations? ask whether you should arrange it yourself or it is pre-arrange by the clients? Please discuss this with your clients or alternatively put it down on your project proposal (which is better because it is on a written documents) regarding all information concerning the fees

The Shooting Period

Next is the shooting, I can only say be prepared. On the weather, the client last minutes changes or any other particular things. For sure you can't always depend on your luck if you're shooting and always have a plan how a shot would be conducted and several backup plans.

Your plans will of course depend largely on your negation with the client and what are they request, and this, will largely determine what kind of kit you're bringing to the shootings.

Assuming you have a DSLR, you're going to bring a few lenses and flash and probably tripod for the, being a newcomer in this business, I only bring my 18-135 mm f3.5-5.6, 50mm f1.8, a tripod and a flashgun (in which I did not use the flash and the tripod at all) while that's probably cover your portraiture and landscape there are no specialized lens yet, I might suggest to bring a macro to shoot out some details of the shots or swap it with the 50mm.

The Editing

Your editing skills with your technique will become your personal touch, your style even. People will either love it or loathe it, so please consider a lot when you decide to move that exposure to the left.

At first, the client might ask you to have this kind of tone or that kind, however as time progresses you will notices trend among photographers' portfolio about "what kind of tone is in trend now", even  more  than just that.  Therefore the best thing you should do is of course look for trends, see other's portfolio and try it for your self.

What if your creative vision is being torn apart by your clients' need? should you follow them? for this my suggestion is that, you can create some sample prints first to show your client about their tone you create and according to their taste, sure it's double work but then if you had your creative juice out from your head, isn't that a liberating feeling?

The Prints and Frames

I've been lucky to know some affordable book printing and framing services, had our mutual agreement and generally work hand in hand to deliver something for the client.

Having this kind of support will of course be a plus point, because you can offer more services to your client, and helping a fellow photo business as well.


Know how to manage your documents, workspace, proposal, branding , gears and most importantly, your photographs! and always remember backup them.

Secondly always update your portfolio, I don't know about the usage of digital media (tablet in this case) such as iPad, Galaxy Tab or Motorola Xoom for displaying your portfolio but sometimes the vintage and the rares (like books) is showing more of a personal touch rather than cold piece of beautiful technology.

Market your work in a suitable place and time, especially if photography is not your first job, make suitable and sensible travel schedule.

A Matter of Minds/of Parenting, Long Talks and Very Much Relationship in General

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I get angry with the mirror sometimes, because it's trying to define me.

I finally figure that out, these past few days, granted my volume of conversation I had with my parents is diminishing compared to two or three years ago, quality or quantity wise. This kind of situation then made my fear comes true, like after missed out your friends for a few years the moment you met them, they have transformed into this beings which you can't understand again. You remembered them for what they were, but the truth is they have developed and experienced much. So as you.

I began the talk by arguing why I can't learn from mistakes? why should I be protected and believe "what mother knows best" is the best for me. As always the arguments that my parents had are the arguments which I have heard plenty of times during the past few years and trust me, though the quality or the quantity is low, I'm still listening for what they have to say. Out of respect perhaps, but most probably because I'm a true believer that the purpose you had in this world is to learn about the things on the earth and beyond.

The talk expanded from minutes to hours and I can see clearly that my mother is tired, but I still force her to go for it. if it's not now then this will be dragged again into whatever time in the future. I tried to explain that things have developed for me, I had learn things from her sayings, from my experiences and the experiences of others. Stories would be proven to have the same effect.

Previously I had to explained to her that it is a vicious cycle for not believing that I had developed, which in the end she just keep repeating the same stories because she believed that I would still make the same mistake in the future. Worse than a donkey I might say. But then I tried to explain that this cycle is unproductive and only would be proven to make me sick of all the same sayings. Thus I began to explain things to her, I began to let go a piece of my minds I always keep for myself and the results are just awestruck.

She couldn't understand me. she said in her words, that I have become wiser, yes but I also developed to this being which is eerily complicated and advanced so that her minds can't follow my train of thoughts anymore. I say deeply in my heart, you are not the only person who thinks that way, I myself sometimes keep getting confused of myself. Thus explaining the opening sentences.

Parenting is tough yes. While I am a modern child of the universe, my parents are still this simple minded fellow whom I adore and envy at the same time. They've been blessed to be able to raised a child like me and my sister and I studying from them will try to raise my own child with a lots or bits of their teachings.

In the end, we make a pact. I will try to increase the quantity and quality of conversation, while her at the same time will also try to understand my behaviour and began asking about matters she's quite hesitate to ask at first. And I promised myself to learn to express it in a non-delicate ways, which is ok because of the learnings I might need to learn.

The Wisdom and Knowledge of The Taxi Driver-part 1

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"In many parts of the world there's always the group of people who run the streets, both night and day. They interact with vast number of people of different characters, while they themselves are also a people of character, whom sometimes annoying, plain hilarious, shady, cool, educated or street smart. Some of them are very fond of speaking their minds, while others are very shy. These are the collection of the wisdom and knowledge of the taxi drivers, whom are kind enough to share and talk to me during my travel across Indonesia (mainly Jakarta)."

  • On the recent terrorist attack: "The xxxx must be the one behind the attacks in Indonesia and the rest of the world, just take alook at 9/11 why are most of the xxxx employees are taking leave on that day?"
  • On Indonesia's Independence: "Indonesia has it all. It has achieved its independence, it's a prosperous country, its beauty is unsurpassed, pity it lacks one thing. Justice."
  • On Swine flu or any other flu: "Isn't swine or the bird flu is created as a biological weapon? It's politics all along I tell you."
  • On the increasing number of AIDS patient in rural area particularly Papua: "There's only one explanation why the incidence rate is so much higher in Papua compared to Jakarta (in which has higher number of prostitute). The lack of education." ~ I added "as well as the low economic power"
  • On prostitution: "The prostitute along this street is really not a prostitute at all, they dress nicely not wearing any skimpy clothes yet often I see they're often being picked up by cars. Those who pick up must have a spare money on their sleeve, heck if I had some I'd probably do it as well"

Cheap Internet: Does It Possible (part 2 of Indonesians & Their Internet Culture)

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Update: The Ministry of Communications and  Information Technology said that the cost of the Internet will be reduced to allow greater acceptance with the public. Hope this will be the key to provide better utilisation of the Internet to the masses. news taken from here Update 2: The cost of the Internet will be lowered after the legislative election on April 9th. A way to attract the voters? I'm sure the user will not put too much care on it

On my last post I was talking about the lack of use of email as a mean of effective communications. There are several factor that made this e-mail communication did not become a reliable and effective method of communications.The pressing matter is the availability of the cheap internet access. When I meant cheap, I also meant that it have to be reliable in good quality (in terms of speed and signal) to ensure the process of effective communication.

Indonesia is steadily improving in its internet access, however it is far from satisfactory. In comparison with countries like Malaysia or Singapore, who enjoys cheaper price of Internet for better quality, Indonesia seems like a country full of choices but none of the choices could be considered best. Real life example should apply here; Telkomspeedy the sole provider of ADSL internet access in Indonesia as a whole, have put the price of Rp. 450.000 for their 3GB quota, while Malaysia with their Streamyx cost as much but with no cap (,

Well we can always look for scapegoat for every matter in Indonesia, which include on this laying of price, however, that is not the point of this writings. The point is how do we can achieve what Malaysia and Singapore have been able to achieve. Of course there would be a lengthy discussion and regarding what could and should be done regarding this matter, a project proposal, and to the point of acceptance and rejection.

Telkom as the national telecommunication services would automatically handling the ADSL route of Internet connection. This act as a double edged blade, first as Telkom had the technology and infrastructure they could readily deliver ADSL internet access, however, being the sole provider would mean that the market is monopolised by Telkom. There are however, gaps that could not filled by Telkom and its ADSL access, there are the people who are always on the move, People who are unsatisfied with the package offered by Telkomspeedy access and people who does not have phone line yet (but of course they have mobiles). This over the time creating a new number of ISP with competitive price and package, however, none of the new ISP are targeting the third of the market, because of the lack of infrastructure and low number of Internet user in Indonesia (only 10% of Indonesian uses Internet regularly out of its 200 million people (Kompas, 27 December 2008)) Based on the situation above it could be determined that there are several things could be done in order to sort this problem out.

1 Lower the price of Telkomspeedy, this can be done by subsidising the cost of the Internet from the education budget. 2 Build infrastructure that could support the other ISP to provide internet access other than the big cities. 3 Provide training of basic internet feature (data collection via google, correspondence via e-mail, etc.) in school, government offices and people who need to interact with other people. 4 Make a program to use the Internet for regular correspondence, for example; Students from two different secondary schools across cities in Indonesia will try to correspondence with each other via email, they could share stories or pictures regarding their school etc. 5 Create an awareness to use email as a medium for correspondence and point out the the advantage of using email rather than snail-mail. 6 Build a proper library with cheap and qualified internet access, for people who does not have computer to use.

Onno W. Purbo have an interesting idea on how to achieve low cost internet by using a frying pan. There are wiki articles on how it could be achieved;

*both of the link is on Bahasa Indonesia.

The basic idea is to share internet services in community where one household would act as the primary user for the service, while at the same time sharing the connections with people in the community. The frying pan would act as the receiver in other households. 

By using this method, people in community could actually bear the cost of the Internet together, which is rationally going to be cheaper, thus achieving the more effective communications.


A trial

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Now, I'm trying to use flock to post my blog posting, which is seems pretty awesome but let's just see how's the results going to be shown on the blog. For you guys who have no idea what flock is, it is actually a new free web browser, which is aimed and made specifically for the web 2.0 world. It is provided with a side bar which contain all the social networking (facebook, filckr, youtube, twitter) as well as media sharing, blogging and online bookmarking site which is generally almost all those you need to kill time.

flock in action

why is it cool? aside you could post up blog directly from your browser (you don't need to go your site), you could check facebook without also going to the site, it is also functioning as a great normal web browser because it is powered by mozilla (see the thumbnail).

So if you guys a new web browser directly use for your web 2.0 life, you could get flock here and found all the information there as well.


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Do scientists make a good businessmen?

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Last week I was attending a "seminar" titled "The Importance of Commercialization", however it turns out that the "seminar" was actually an introduction of a new postgrad course offered in Monash University Australia which is the Master of Business (Commercialising Science and Technology). Based on the booklet received at the seminar and the seminar itself, this course give its student more choice in their career, which involve the development of wealth-creating opportunities in the business of science and technology. The key features offered in this course is the specific intent to assist student in commercialising leading edge medical, scientific and technology research projects, in other words the course will teach student the fundamentals of business, economics, legal and management skill required to contribute to this process.

OK, let's face it science student does not essentially make a good businessman nor does business student would make a great scientist, and this is somehow looked like an interesting career path for science student to get out from spending their life in researching or resorting to another career path which totally different from their studies (whom many of them did). So based on the possibilities of these career path this is totally an alternative and promising pathway wasn't it?

In an economic sense yes it is, because it will give the possibilities for one of the student to become an entrepreneur and build their own company, make a discovery thus a lot of money etc. etc. However the choices are still ours right? If I want to make medicine which people in third country can afford rather than chasing profit it's still my choice right? If the world was turning because of the money, I still could standing still without it right? If the temptations were there and the chance were given am I a fool not to join in the rally to chase of commercialization?

I don't mean that scientist does not have the rights to obtain economic wealth, it's just that if all the orientation is based economically then where does the next research fits? is it for creating a cure for a disease or is it for making a profit from a cure of a disease?

The knowledge for this is significant, but it is not the mindset of scientist should have, I believe, because there are still people who can't afford medicine in this world, and our burden is to provide them with what is available, not overcharge them.


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What I've learned this week

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I learned that:

  • Sacrifices are always necessary.
  • To be more patient is important.
  • My opinion is not the same as their so don't be selfish.
  • The generation gap is widening.
  • Cunts are running the world now and forever.
  • The peaceful mind is already there in your head, It's really up to you whether you want to reach it or not.